Included here are links you might find useful:

Our colleagues:

Societry of Amateur Radio Astronomers
The SETI League, Inc
Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
The SETI Institute
Deep-Space Exploration Society

Our suppliers:

MODTRONIX  -- they make our SCADA controllers (antenna pointing, LNA control, power control, housekeeping, etc)
ICRON  -- they make our USB 2.0 extenders
Token Group -- they make our custom-built 1420.4Mhz dielectric microwave filters
Mouser Electronics  -- stuff
Jameco Electronics  -- stuff
Futurlec Electronics -- stuff
Newark -- PTC heaters

Our SDR receivers:

USRP         -- two-complex-channel digital receiver and frequency-agile direct-conversion receiver cards
Gnu Radio  -- Software receiver platform