The following people have donated time, money, and equipment to this project:

David Ocame - Moral support, and our network switches!

Marcus Leech - USRP Digital receiver, much of the computing infrastructure, the feed, and miscellaneous bits and pieces

Chris Lewis and Greg Lewis Paley - The radome structure for the feed, and lots of labour and sweat

Gary Atkins - A fair amount of crude manual labour, and oh, yes, he's the one who got this whole thing going, by working for the Canadian Space Agency, knowing about the dish, and a chance meeting with Marcus a couple of years ago.

Charles Richer - Lots of manual labour, and he's working on the circuit boards for our state-of-the-art switched LNAs

Doug Yuill - Lots of manual labour

Charles Osborne - lots of good advice, and pile of random bits of high-current electrical safety devices

If I've forgotten anybody, please let me know!

In the coming weeks, there'll be a place where you can donate cash to this project, via Paypal Donations.  Stay tuned!